EasyEDA Professional Edition

Professional and powerful domestic PCB design tools, free forever

Brand new interactive routing engine, smooth and not stuck

Completely independent intellectual property rights, allowing you to focus on design with confidence

The EDA tool of choice for the next generation of engineers

Online design based on cloud

  • Browser-based operation, high efficiency, no need to download, just open the website and start designing

  • New WebGL engine, better wiring experience, smooth and smooth without lag

  • Brand new page structure, brand new design interface, more professional, more powerful and more beautiful

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Powerful schematic design capabilities

  • Oversized schematic design

    Supports extra-large schematic designs with over 300 pages and over 50,000 devices

  • Millions of Shared Component Libraries

    Integrate millions of component libraries and packages of Lichuang Mall, no need to draw packages by yourself

  • Brand new structure left tree

    New structure left tree, new component list display

  • Modular Design

    Circuit modular design, once and for all, highly reused

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Professional PCB Design Features

  • Oversized PCB Design

    Smoothly supports design sizes over 3w devices or 10w pads

  • Flip the board, 2D, 3D preview

    Support flipping PCB routing, support online viewing of PCB effect preview

  • Blind buried hole, suture hole

    One-click placement of blind buried holes and batch placement of sutured holes

  • Design rules

    Brand new design rule checking

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Industrial chain advantages, one-stop design and manufacturing


    PCB quick proofing, SMT patch production leading enterprises  Click to visit

  • LCSC

    Spot electronic components trading platform Click to visit


    Hardware Engineer's Circuit Home Click to visit

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