Update Record

v2.1.63 update instructions


  • Fix the problem of re -enrollment of some files
  • Fix the custom rules of the copper copper after deleting the deletion of the custom rules of the pavement and then the rules of the same name will affect the original paving copper
  • Fix some files to open the problem of the lost object
  • Fix in some cases that the paving copper should be directly connected but there is no connection.

v2.1.59 update instructions


  • Compatible with V2.2 format
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect color screen printing output coordinates
  • Fixed the problem that the copper laying could not be rebuilt after switching the process configuration.
  • Fixed the problem of error reporting when recreating copper laying custom rules after deleting them.
  • Fixed an issue where the path does not exist when editing the category of the project library on the semi-offline client

v2.1.57 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem that the bottom pad thermal welding is set to custom direct connection and becomes divergent after saving and reopening.
  • Fixed the problem that the canvas could not be seen due to abnormal network tag data remaining in the past
  • Fixed the issue where documents were not loaded when opening a project in OSHWLAB

v2.1.54 update instructions


  • Fixed the issue where offline client documents were saved incorrectly
  • Fixed the problem of error when creating a new folder
  • Solve the problem that offline clients cannot load system libraries in some systems

v2.1.53 update instructions


  • Fixed the issue where the color does not follow when copying and pasting the package of color silk screen printing
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect color silk screen mark points
  • Fixed the problem that after opening a published project on the open source platform and exporting the PDF, it will prompt to convert it to unpublished

v2.1.52 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem that there may be fewer wires when importing automatic routing ses files
  • Fixed an issue where errors would be reported when importing certain PCB custom packages
  • Fixed the issue where the model still appears in the preview after deleting the 3D model
  • Fixed the problem of DRC reporting an error when the copper laying rules are different from the default rules
  • One-click BOM ordering of components supports passing the BOM file name
  • Fixed the issue where DRC check in semi-offline mode could not detect mismatch between supplier number and value
  • Fixed the issue where the supplier number would be cleared if the value name was checked.
  • Fixed the issue where copying and pasting symbol content to other newly created symbols would cause no response.
  • Fixed an issue where the New menu would be grayed out after a team member opened the project
  • Fixed the issue where the browser would be opened when creating a team at the import library pop-up window point in semi-offline and fully offline modes
  • Fixed the issue where the save as pop-up window was not opened when editing the system library package

v2.1.51 update instructions

  • Fixed the issue of adding teardrop card owners in some cases
  • Fixed the issue where the mobile package would get stuck after being released
  • Export color silk screen Gerber to add positioning files for production
  • Fixed the issue where copy and paste may get stuck
  • Fixed the problem that PCB search does not find the next position.
  • Added management permission docking for team library
  • Fixed the issue where when editing the system library in the package manager, there is no pop-up window to save as after saving.
  • Fixed an issue where copying and pasting schematics or placing devices quickly in succession may cause the symbol attributes of the device to be lost
  • Fixed some format conversion issues

v2.1.49 update instructions


  • Fixed the issue where the underlying solder mask displayed on the canvas is inconsistent with Gerber
  • Fixed some issues with color screen printing
  • Design rules and safe spacing to add teardrop copywriting
  • Fixed the problem that non-metalization could not be detected due to the previous version
  • Fixed the problem of PCB document being lost when saved as device
  • Fixed the problem of inconsistent spacing between copper laying and frame/slot hole in some cases
  • Fixed the problem of DRC error in inner layer copper filling in some cases
  • Fixed some login issues
  • Fixed the issue where the search highlight in the device placement pop-up window is sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed the issue where one-click ordering would automatically generate color silk screen files
  • The component placement pop-up window and the bottom component library add a reporting library error entry

v2.1.48 update instructions


  • Fixed an issue where an error would be reported when copying and pasting PCB in the left tree of some projects
  • Fixed the issue where the DRC prompt is not connected but is actually connected due to accuracy issues.
  • Fixed the problem with the progress bar of converting certain engineering schematic diagrams to PCB cards
  • Fixed the problem of opening card progress bar after some AD PCB imports
  • Fixed the problem that the thermal hole network of the pads in the updated package is not updated when imported.
  • Fixed the issue where the vias under the package cannot be picked up in the inactive layer hidden mode
  • Fixed the problem that after modifying the value on the template page, the attribute value of the instance page that has not been modified will have an instance value subscript.
  • Fixed the problem that some document schematics cannot see the wires due to special characters and can only see them when they need to be moved.
  • Fixed the issue where symbols and pins of multiplexed modules would be displayed as unconnected when set to multiplexed
  • Fixed the problem of empty names when placing multi-part devices
  • Fixed the problem that the client's fully online mode creation team did not open the browser to create (except for the login page, other pages need to open the browser to complete)
  • Fixed the problem that the public library could not be loaded during the second search in the pop-up window for placing components.
  • Fixed an issue where after clearing the instance value and saving the attribute with an instance value, switching to the template page for modification, a prompt will be displayed when saving that the data needs to be synchronized.
  • Fixed the problem of no response when adding a library with the same name to a commonly used library and then adding it again.
  • Fixed the problem that the client could not open the read-only eprj project file, and added a pop-up warning
  • Fixed the problem that updating the engineering library when placing devices after disconnecting the network in the semi-offline mode of the client is invalid.
  • Fixed the problem of missing content in the export step of complex models
  • Fixed the problem of exporting step missing model in some cases
  • Fixed some format conversion issues

v2.1.45 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem that some files will get stuck when exporting Gerber and selecting color silk screen
  • Fixed the problem of image offset after PCB layer cutting in the package
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect effects after merging some lines
  • Fixed the issue where DRC detects the wrong layer for blind and buried vias
  • Fixed the problem of error reporting when adjusting layer order in layer manager
  • Fixed the issue where the schematic document list on the left side of the open project is empty
  • Fixed the issue where a new PCB file will be automatically created when right-clicking on the reuse module to edit PCB

v2.1.44 update instructions


  • FPC enhanced primitives support Boolean operations
  • Fixed the problem of copying and pasting PCB errors in the left tree of some projects
  • Fixed the problem of slow display of global network name
  • Fixed the issue of inconsistent display of exam time in the education version
  • Fixed the problem that the 3D model of the system library when viewing the device in semi-offline mode is a black and white block
  • Fixed the problem that there is no device library when importing the professional version project extraction library
  • Fixed the issue where the white cover of the image is lost during 3D preview of the panel
  • The panel supports arc segmented path connection function
  • Fixed the problem of white screen when opening personal center in client online mode
  • Fixed some issues with format conversion

v2.1.42 update instructions


NOTICE: this is a big version, the v2.1 project files are not all compatible with v2.0, if you open v2.1 file at v2.0 may cause some errors

Schematic diagram

  • Schematic diagram supports mm unit switching
  • Schematic supports combination function
  • Supports ellipse and Bezier curve functions
  • Pin number supports inputting multiple numbers
  • Exporting PDF supports selecting partial areas for export
  • The device placement dialog box supports right-click menu on the placement button; optimizes device list loading performance
  • Add test point devices
  • Support shortcut keys to repeat the last action
  • Place network label and press TAB key to support setting differential pair name
  • The component tree on the left supports displaying the page where the component is located
  • When placing the reuse module in the bottom library, support placing a single image page directly
  • The placement menu supports the new version of the table function
  • Added a name category to the component tree
  • Reuse module symbols support setting the number of reuses


  • Reconstruct PCB architecture and adjust performance
  • Bottom supports layer switching
  • Optimize adsorption function
  • Optimize the generation of hot soldering for copper laying
  • Importing images supports higher precision, and importing logos is more precise.
  • Supports curved teardrops and supports a variety of scenarios; in Settings - PCB - Common settings, you can set it to automatically generate teardrops
  • Optimize 3D model manager list performance
  • Optimize flying lines, copper laying, and network computing performance
  • Multiplexed layout and routing supports attributes such as font, line width, and height of component attributes.
  • Supports constrained areas and setting regional rules
  • Support Tools - Layer stacking configuration switch for layer manager
  • Edit menu supports Boolean operations
  • Support removing unused pads in the tools menu
  • Support setting the adsorption distance and layer in Settings - Adsorption
  • In Settings - PCB - General, support setting wire following shortcut keys
  • Support more primitive theme settings in Settings - PCB - Theme
  • Routing menu supports fan-out routing
  • Support new measurement functions and select objects
  • Package library - File - Import menu supports importing pad coordinate files
  • In Settings - PCB - General, support setting bold grid settings
  • The export menu supports exporting to ODB++ format
  • Select the pad within the package to disable switching layers
  • When filtering the network, support the selection of graphics elements without network
  • PCB settings support setting the adsorption of extension cord to follow the adsorption switch
  • One-click PCB ordering adds detection tips for blind and buried vias
  • Optimize PCB memory usage and optimize PCB stuck problem
  • Add FR4 material to FPC reinforcement board

because of JLCPCB not support to order panel yet, then we hide the panel entrance for now

  • Support primitive reference point setting
  • Commonly used libraries support panel libraries
  • The panel supports combination functions
  • Added dimension tool
  • Added arc tool to placement menu
  • Smart size removal lock unlock menu for panels


  • Canvas supports 10x grid lines
  • Added a search box at the top
  • Opening a higher version project in a lower version editor supports pop-up prompts
  • The local suffix for project export is changed to epro, and the local suffix for batch export libraries is changed to elibz
  • Support Allegro file import in File - Import menu
  • Optimize file saving and loading speed
  • Client non-full online mode also supports device standardization
  • Solve the problem of residual processes after the client is closed
  • Added Jialichuang Layout service entrance in the design menu and order menu
  • The default built-in fonts remove copyright fonts, add boldface and official script, and the panel font defaults to boldface
  • Update forum link
  • Support automatic saving of exams in education workspace

v2.0.35 update instructions


  • add online chat tool at bottom right corner
  • fix some PCB export step file stuck issue

v2.0.34 update instructions


  • support blind/buried vias detection before one-click PCB order
  • update forum link
  • remove some fonts at commonly fonts

v2.0.33 update instructions


v2.0.32 update instructions


  • Fix the filter doesn't work issue
  • Hide the New Panel menu, when JLCPCB ready for panel fabrication, it will be released again
  • Remove Live Q/A menu
  • Fix the request new part incorrect link issue
  • Fix the PCB order the pick and place csv file has incorrect format encode issue

v2.0.30 update instructions


schematic diagram

  • Optimize the performance of schematic canvas operations, including zooming, mass selection, panning, copying and pasting, cutting, etc.
  • After placing the reused block, the name and symbol name are automatically given and displayed automatically
  • The design rule adds component type check items, and the supplier number matches the component attribute
  • Bit number allocation supports bit number allocation without question marks, Chinese, etc.
  • Optimize package manager's multi-selection and scrolling list performance under a large number of components
  • Added design rules: network identification, network port needs to have a name
  • Added design rules: When wires and buses are not connected to net identifiers or net ports, the names need to be displayed on the canvas


  • PCB supports placement of menu new graphic elements FPC reinforcement board graphic elements
  • Jigsaw dialog adapts to small resolution scenes
  • Optimizing the initial wiring logic, removing the logic that triggers the wiring to automatically start from the pad
  • Optimize the function of removing loops
  • The top and bottom test point property panels add flux extension properties, and the design rules add test point rules
  • Added non-active layer color non-attenuation configuration to be consistent with AD view habits
  • Optimization of differential pair wiring to ensure that the endpoints of the two lines are always synchronized
  • The export coordinate pop-up window supports custom attribute columns, and new support for exporting imposition mark coordinates
  • Import changes support to update copper nets at the same time
  • Chamfering is also supported for lines whose endpoints are connected but not continuous
  • A tab key switching prompt is added to scenes with multiple dynamic input boxes
  • Alignment function and attribute position function, aligning with the actual outline of the text
  • When the board is flipped, use the magnification before flipping to locate the object before flipping
  • Place/paste pads on primitives with networks, add the logic of inheriting networks
  • Increase the optimization of multi-selecting multi-segment wires and dragging wire heads
  • Add a heat welding attribute to the pad, support setting direct connection or divergence
  • The design rule dialog box supports Jiali Chuang multiple process configuration switching
  • The function of selecting the connected copper skin is added to the edit menu
  • The color of unrouted nets is also highlighted during routing
  • The arc type support in the arc property panel is recorded in the file
  • Combination optimization, no longer allow primitives in the combination to drag control points or stretch
  • In the export BOM dialog box, when the range selection is PCB, add a "layer" in the statistics


  • Panel production files, the printing layer and cover layer corresponding to the opening position will not be hollowed out
  • The filter configuration is not checked by default.
  • Added smart size function in the placement menu of the panel
  • Added auxiliary line function in the placement menu of the panel
  • Placing pictures supports restoring the original ratio
  • Support for drum cladding
  • Support panel common library, panel library creation and placement. After placement, it will be automatically broken up into multiple common primitives
  • Support dragging the bbox border to adjust the size


  • Adjust the collection on the left panel, engineering-related mergers into the "Engineering Design" tab, and library-related mergers into the "Library Design" tab
  • Start page support is always displayed
  • The function of saving as a reused block is added to the reused block project
  • Add editor version number and client mode in top right corner
  • Fix some issues with format conversion
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