Update Record

v1.9.29 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem that the binding package on the left side failed when the device was in the symbol editing interface
  • Fix some problems with 3D model binding
  • Fix the problem that the client cannot display the library classification when saving the project library as
  • Fixed the problem that the creation failed when the folder was selected for the new project in some scenes

Known issue:

  • The desktop client can't not login with Google account, please use password login first, if you don't have password, you can try to reset the password first

v1.9.28 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem of the progress bar of the single card under some PCBs
  • Fix the problem that the device editing interface of the engineering library is not updated to the schematic diagram after updating the package
  • Fixed the problem that some files would report package property errors when copying and pasting across projects
  • Fixed the problem that the network short-circuit property panel of the bottom layer of the hierarchical graph displayed incorrectly
  • Fix the problem that the device cannot be saved as in the simple mode of symbol management
  • Fixed the problem that the login popup window did not fully display the login input box
  • Fixed the problem that automatic backup and automatic saving failed in some scenarios
  • Fix some format conversion issues
  • Fix the desktop client update notice link error issue
  • Fix the problem that the device placing dialog can't search at LCSC electronic engine issue

v1.9.x update instructions



  • The symbol library manager supports easy mode and professional mode switching. Entry: Settings - System - General - Symbol Management Mode. Simple mode will hide the separate symbol editing entry, merging and simplifying the creation and editing process of symbols and devices
  • Support setting the default net name rules for wires in the schematic, and support designator + pin number to become the net name. Entry: Settings - Schematic - General - Default Network Name
  • The symbol library supports the specification extraction wizard. Entry: Symbol Library - Tools - Datasheet Extract Wizard
  • Support for automatically clearing wire names when copying and pasting wires that do not display nets
  • Part switching for multi-part components is supported. Entry: multi-part component - property panel - click to switch component properties
  • When deleting the device library, support to choose whether to delete the associated symbols and footprint at the same time
  • Support for placing drawing components in the bottom library
  • Support for more direction order assignment of designators
  • Optimize the arrow keys to move primitives
  • Optimize device replacement logic of device manager. Support for replacement symbols and footprints and 3D models
  • Place text support to set more styles by pressing TAB
  • Schematic and symbol libraries support importing DXF
  • Support device normalization settings. Entry: Device Standardization Tab on the left. Supports the allocation of devices that have not been assigned Easytron numbers
  • Component context menu supports wire fanout. Entry: Component right-click menu - fanout net label/non-connection label
  • The properties panel on the right side of the drawing supports direct adjustment of drawing size and switching of drawing size
  • Optimize wire dragging logic
  • Support automatic switching to EasyEDA engine when searching for the product number device starting with C9900
  • The attribute panel on the right side of the component is added to display "Key Attributes" and "More Attributes" group folding


  • Supports smaller height adjustments when routing equal lengths
  • Supports differential pair equal length routing. Entry: Routing - Differential Pair Equal Length Routing
  • Optimize the representation of Gerber pads, so that the board factory can identify the pads normally
  • Support for filtering and picking of empty network primitives
  • 3D outline view adjusted to only outline viewing of 3D shells
  • Support panning the canvas according to the current mouse position, shortcut key SHIFT+HOME
  • Support number keys 5, 6 to switch inner layer 3, inner layer 4
  • Support asking whether to enable layers not supported by the current PCB when placing or pasting footprint
  • Support dimension primitives to be drawn on user-defined layers
  • Optimize ungroup, support single object moving out of group
  • Select the teardrop support property panel, support manual deletion of teardrops
  • Delete component supports pop-up prompts
  • Optimize the processing of adding vias when routing violates DRC
  • Export DXF to increase the export of 3D shell related primitives
  • After multi-selecting wires, the length of the property panel is displayed as the total length
  • Draw copper pours, fill areas, lines support networks that inherit the first primitive touched
  • Optimize the real-time DRC, check after the primitive is drawn, and avoid freezing during the drawing process
  • Inner plane layer plane zone support setting whether to keep islands
  • Support for custom section design rules to be checked. Entry: Design - Check DRC (Custom)
  • Support updating from PCB to schematic. Entry: Design - Update PCB to Schematic. The component properties of the PCB will be updated to the schematic diagram according to the unique ID of the component
  • The grid and grid settings in the properties panel on the right side of the canvas support proportional linkage
  • The settings in the property panel on the right side of the canvas support saving to a file
  • Support PCB reassignment designator. Entry: Design - Annotate designator
  • Wire supports drawing in empty space
  • Support to create PCB by reusing the block project, and when transferring the schematic diagram to PCB, call the PCB of the reusing block project, entry: New - Reuse block, and the PCB will be automatically created. The PCB module that has been called supports updating the layout from the PCB of the reused block project again, entry: Design - Update layout and routing from the reused template
  • PCB built-in default font supports Ω and μ characters
  • When only the properties of the component are selected, the component also supports being combined
  • The multiplexing layout and routing function supports the position of silk screen text of multiplexing components
  • Support for default font and text size settings when placing footprints. Entry: Settings - PCB - General - Component Properties Default Font. If the text size of the property has been set when the package is edited, the size and font of the edit time will be used first.
  • Support setting the minimum corner of stretched wires. Access: Properties panel on the right side of the canvas - Stretch Track Min Corner
  • Place text support to set more styles by pressing TAB
  • When dragging the package, it is supported to press the shortcut key of mirroring to mirror the package as a whole
  • Support pad connection function, which is convenient for rapid network generation of PCB without schematic diagram. Entry: Tool - Pad Connection
  • The top toolbar and placement menu support quick device placement, resistors, capacitors and inductors
  • The solder mask extension of the design rule pad is changed to 2mil by default
  • The removal of seam holes in the copper property panel supports removal according to the size of the seam hole
  • When the diameter of the circular groove area is less than 6.5mm, the drilling file is output as a Gerber NPTH file
  • A new Drill_PTH_Through_Via.DRL file is added to the exported Gerber to distinguish the drill file of through-hole vias
  • Routing on non-signal layers supports automatic switching to the top layer for routing


  • Import SVG supports display size and type
  • Optimize the display interaction of primitive anchor points and control points
  • Polyline and Bezier curve merged into pen tool
  • Optimize panel dragging and adsorption
  • Support dragging and rotating with four vertices after the primitive is selected


  • The shortcut key theme splits the professional version and the standard version, and the professional version theme adjusts the shortcut keys of some functions
  • Most functions support setting shortcut keys
  • Support to set the global shortcut key of each menu and the secondary shortcut key of the menu through CTRL+left button. How to use: Expand a menu with the mouse, press CTRL + left button, pop-up window settings
  • Support touchpad gestures
  • Package manager/device manager/3D model manager supports custom list headers. Entry: List on the left - Right-click menu on the header
  • Schematic and PCB supports reset component unique ID. Entry: Design - Reset Component Unique ID
  • Stretch width of left/right/bottom panels supports larger values
  • The filter box of Package Manager/3D Model Manager has been changed to display continuously
  • The page tree on the left side supports F2 to rename the document and the Enter key to open the document
  • All numerical input boxes support simple four arithmetic operations
  • Support to find the function through the shortcut key in the shortcut key dialog box
  • Migrating standard version files supports pagination
  • The setting dialog box adds whether to enable the option of pressing CTRL to drag the primitive to copy the function, and the PCB is not enabled by default
  • The alignment function supports whether to enable the function of selecting reference objects. Entry: Alignment - Select a reference object. When enabled, the alignment will first select the object and then align
  • Adjust the length of all document titles to 1~128 characters
  • Library search removes minimum 2 character keyword limit
  • Set to add double-click to open the project in the current editor window or in a new window. Entry: Settings - General - Double-click the project
  • Added a feedback menu to the help menu
  • Optimize the display of the large pop-up window, which can be displayed completely on a small screen without blocking the button
  • Support for importing OrCad schematics (edif format)

desktop client

  • Split client upgrade detection for different CPU architectures
  • Support Loongson Feiteng Kunpeng Shenwei CPU architecture installation package
  • Optimize the search index generation speed of the local component library, and repair the device screening function
  • Optimize the search results of the fully offline pattern library and support more attribute value searches (title, value, footprint, supplier footprint, supplier part, part code, part number, description)

v1.8.45 update instructions


  • Fixed the Device Manager and bottom library search failed at LCSC engine issue

v1.8.39 update instructions


  • Fixed some DXF imported no response issue
  • Fixed the edited footpirnt copy to other project will failed issue
  • Fixed the half-offline mode of the desktop client doesn't load the Commonly Library issue

v1.8.36 update instructions



  • Support to find network tags
  • Support device manager to realize device parameter replacement (simultaneous replacement of symbols and packages is not supported). Entry: Top Menu - Tools - Device Manager
  • Support space bar to switch routing direction when drawing wire bus
  • Added button to apply for drawing library in device placement dialog and bottom device library
  • Support selecting and highlighting all objects when searching for all objects
  • Removed net split popup when wire is split
  • The attribute value input box supports Greek characters
  • Text input box supports ALT/SHIFT/+ENTER line wrapping
  • Support to export PADS9.5 netlist
  • When placing the network port and the wire name are inconsistent, a pop-up window prompts whether to modify the wire name
  • The tree on the left supports multiple selection pages to open at the same time
  • Added Design Rules Tab to the bottom panel
  • Export BOM supports exporting "Add to BOM" and "Go to PCB" properties, configure settings on the left
  • Schematic theme adds black on white and white on black
  • Support TAB key to set global network name when placing network ID
  • Supports automatic clearing of wire names when removing network ports
  • Components that do not join the BOM and do not go to the PCB are not included in the design rule check
  • Right-click on the package preview window and package list of the package manager to add the editing package function
  • Delete project library reuse block symbol support prompt whether to delete the corresponding schematic at the same time
  • CTRL+ALT moves the wire name to support wire not following
  • Refactored wire routing logic


  • Support for dragging and rotating primitives at any angle
  • Panel 3D preview supports setting background color
  • When multiple objects are selected, the property panel supports overall position movement


  • Supports placement and routing of multiplexed combinations. How to use: Draw multiplexed blocks on the schematic, draw circuits after expansion, copy and paste multiple multiplexed blocks, update to PCB, select a group of layout and wiring, select the laid out objects, right-click to create a combination, and right-click on other modules. Create a combination, select the first combination that has not completed layout and routing, click: layout - multiplex layout and routing, the cursor clicks on the combination that has completed layout and routing, and the layout and routing will be automatically completed
  • Supports the setting of pad pair groups, which is convenient for equal-length wiring. Entry: Top Menu - Design - Pad Pair Group Manager
  • PCB supports synchronization to 3D shell preview after modifying shell height
  • Support a large number of copper laying, PCB saving of a large number of custom font texts
  • Support for Auto Layout in preview (continuous development). Entry: Top Menu - Layout - Auto Layout
  • The left tab of the package editing interface supports the package wizard
  • Support for exporting and importing autorouting files
  • PCB one-click ordering supports first detection of flying leads, detection of borders, detection of DRC
  • Wiring support to record last set logic
  • 3D shell order support to detect whether there are 3D shell primitives
  • Adjust the component to select the highlight effect and remove the highlighted box effect
  • Stitch holes support adding in the copper plating of the network they belong to
  • Optimized how differential pair routing appears
  • Support component right-click to edit the footprint and only apply to the current component
  • The relative offset function supports recording the last parameter
  • When dragging a frame-selected component, the wire will not be disconnected
  • Isometric adjustment supports automatic search for isometric starting position
  • Design rules for copper and internal electrical layers support the respective connection methods of pads and plug-in pads
  • The drop-down option supports arrow keys to select
  • All objects that support network support manually creating a network in the properties panel
  • Support shortcut keys CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste the board to keep the tag number unchanged and hide the flying line layer, which is convenient for manual imposition
  • Place text support TAB key to modify text properties
  • The isometric adjustment dialog supports setting the length that needs to be added
  • The left net tab supports wire length sorting for net class, differential pair, pad pair, etc.
  • Supports drawing self-intersecting polymorphic primitives, and automatically splitting multiple disjoint primitives after drawing
  • The specified spacing distribution supports center spacing and edge spacing
  • Equal-length network groups support distinguishing networks that already belong to other network groups
  • 3D preview adds an import change button to support the import of PCB changes
  • Optimized the fan-out of the outgoing and incoming wires of the pad
  • Support pressing the space bar to switch the corners of the wiring when starting the wiring and punching the differential pair
  • Support to continue stretching after stretching wire fusion node
  • Supports completion in arc mode at the end of the arc mode routing
  • Component slice shortcuts are left blank by default
  • Support pads with the same pad number in the package to set different net names


  • Support project cache recovery function. It is automatically cached locally once every five minutes. Entry: Top Menu - File - Cache Recovery
  • Added Engineering Tab to the left panel
  • Added a refresh menu to the document right-click menu of the tab on the left page
  • Add a prompt to sync data to the cloud in the top right corner
  • When a new version of the editor is released, a version upgrade prompt button will be added to the top right corner
  • Both top menu and right-click menu functions support custom shortcut keys. Entry: Top Menu - Settings - Shortcuts
  • Support single shortcut key to call out the top menu and display single key letters in the top menu. Entry: Top Menu - Settings - Shortcuts - Theme Switch to Altium Designer
  • The continuous selection is changed to the mode of switching whether to continuously select. Entry: Top Menu - Edit - Select
  • Added selection inside rectangle to selection menu
  • Added refresh button for common libraries to support reloading common libraries
  • Schematics, symbols, and numerical input boxes on the panel support four arithmetic operations
  • Schematic and PCB support print menu. Entry: Top Menu - File - Print
  • Support schematics and symbols, copy and paste between PCB and package
  • Component attribute names support calling custom attribute values ​​for display
  • Migration to Standard Edition does not require logging in to Standard Edition again
  • Cross selection supports multiple windows
  • Added project basic information and member information display to the right property panel of the project blank page
  • The permission role display of the corresponding project has been added to the project list on the left
  • Solve the problem that the project library classification is not recorded
  • Whether to delete symbols and footprints at the same time when deleting a device in a project library
  • When opening a document without editing permission, save support pops up a save as pop-up window
  • Fixed some issues with format conversion
  • Import AD and Protel support to set via cover oil or follow the original setting
  • The client activation pop-up window is adjusted to support directly pasting the activation code
  • The client supports loading different project directory paths, up to 10. Entry: Settings - Client Settings - Project Directory

v1.7.31 update instructions


  • Remove the popup asking whether to remove local data when logout
  • Solved the problem that the document could not be saved after auto-logging out accidently and logging in again
  • Fixed the problem of panel merging primitives reporting error
  • Fixed the problem that the zoom ratio of the panel preview jumped too much

v1.7.30 update instructions


  • Added path connection and path reversal functions to the right-click of the panel element
  • Fixed the problem that the holes of the pads are exported as Gerber offsets after some components are rotated
  • Fixed the problem that copper laying or internal electrical layer picking network will cause other via network to change
  • Fixed an PCB issue where the loop could not be removed normally in some cases
  • Fixed the problem that the inner diameter of the via hole modification is not displayed correctly on the canvas in some cases
  • Fixed the problem that the hole in the polygon caused an error when opening the file
  • Fixed the problem that the shortcut key moves the property to offset after the device and property are selected by frame
  • Fixed the problem that some PCBs did not generate thumbnails
  • Fixed the problem that the client 3D model manager 3D preview failed in semi-offline mode
  • Fixed the problem that common libraries become empty in some cases
  • Fixed the problem that the panel transparency control value was incorrect
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect stroke fill in some cases of panel path conversion
  • Fixed a single PCB export to Altium failed issue
  • Fixed the issue that the export DXF of circular grooves was lost
  • Adjust the value of the device name imported into the Altium file to take the comment first
  • Fixed the problem that the device and package imported from some PADS files were not successfully bound
  • Fixed the problem that the position of the component pin name is offset when importing some PADS files
  • Fixed an issue where multiple parts imported into some PADS files would be lost
  • Fixed the problem that some files were exported to Altium network label in the wrong position
  • Fixed an issue where importing some DXFs would display extra text
  • Fixed the issue that comment values ​​were not displayed after importing some Protel files

v1.7.29 update instructions


  • Fixed the problem of overlapping models in the 3D preview when switching devices in the 3D model manager
  • Fixed the problem of exporting Gerber without checking component properties but exporting
  • Optimized memory usage
  • Fixed the problem that the PCB export BOM is the schematic BOM
  • Fixed the problem that the library category cannot be clicked(Firefox not support yet)
  • Fixed the issue that the price sorting of the library list would cause the content to be empty
  • Fixed the problem that the duplicate name setting of the project library would affect the import
  • Fixed an issue where the client would traverse subfolders of the project or library folder
  • Fixed the issue that some files were very slow to export to Altium

v1.7.27 update instructions


  • Fix the problem that the footprint manager clicks the classification very slowly
  • Fixed the problem of changing the browser to log in after adding the commonly library and the configuration was not synchronized
  • Fixed the problem that the number of drawing components increased after the client drawing was modified
  • Fixed the problem of client exporting Altium stuck progress bar
  • Fixed the problem that the Mac client detects the update error
  • Fixed the problem that the client does not have a close button in the activation interface
  • Fixed the problem that the browser crashed due to too large copy-pasted content
  • Support to open the project of the open source platform without logging in
  • Fixed the problem that the client could not save some files after saving multiple times
  • Fixed the problem that the client's semi-offline mode system library did not get the 3D model preview
  • Fixed the problem that the client's offline mode batch delete project library prompts that the path does not exist
  • Fixed the problem that when the large schematic diagram clicks the network tree on the left side of the wire, the network cannot be properly positioned in the visible area
  • Fixed the problem that some devices are empty after being placed on the canvas
  • When exporting BOM, when all attributes are set as primary keys, the tag will be split by commas
  • Fixed the issue of abnormal export BOM for multi-component devices in some cases
  • Fixed the problem that some PCB export Gerber failed to export due to precision problems
  • Adjust the format of the exported coordinate file and expand the comment column
  • Fixed the problem that illegal DRC will be prompted when the wiring width is set to 0.200mm
  • Fixed the problem of re-opening the bit number offset after saving the large PCB of the client
  • Fixed the problem that the PDF attribute text of PCB export becomes thick in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where importing Altium would report an error in some cases
  • Fixed some issues with importing KiCad
  • Fixed the issue of missing wires when importing some EAGLE files
  • Fixed some issues with panel design
  • Fixed the problem of reopening copper plating after rebuilding copper plating in client offline mode
  • Fixed the problem that the hierarchy map did not generate thumbnails on the open source platform
  • Fixed the desktop client cannot download full installation file issue
  • Fixed the problem of the special charater make the schematic canvas empty issue

v1.7.24 update instructions


Read the update with image(need to translate the web to English) https://dri8c0qdfb.feishu.cn/docs/doccnyyLIiQ6REQ4suzaAEcnGMe#Ly36Hb


  • Check that DRC supports the output of unallocated tags and the prompt log of duplicate tags, and added the rules for assigning tags and detecting duplicate tags. Entry: Design - Design Rules
  • Support rotate and flip during batch dragging
  • Optimized the problem that pin names are too close when placing pins in the symbol library
  • Added network label (network name) drag type switching settings: adjust the attribute position (default); modify the network name. Modifying the netname type is similar to the standard version of the nettag interaction. Entry: Setup - Schematic - Common
  • When the automatic attribute adjustment position of the rotating component is checked, the component to be placed supports rotating the attribute position at the same time
  • The property panel on the right side of the canvas supports displaying the size of the drawing, supports editing icons, and clicks to directly edit the drawing template; the engineering drawing preset pop-up window of the design menu supports the editing button
  • Create schematics with default sheet size of A4
  • When repairing the network name of the wire, a pop-up window prompts whether to modify the connected network identification name
  • Support pressing the Tab key to set the name and bit number when placing the device
  • Theme settings add settings for pins, properties and net labels
  • Add a button for placing shorts in the wire merging prompt pop-up window
  • Removed the behavior of placing the device popup after finishing placing it


  • Support for directly modifying the pad size and the coordinate position of the pad in the PCB
  • When dragging vias, the linked wires can be moved at the same time
  • 3D shell slotting area property panel added slotting option.
  • Supports grooving from the inside to the outside of the top or bottom layer during 3D enclosure design
  • Added an option in PCB settings: Use JialiChuang color silk screen process. It is disabled by default. After opening, the primitive property panel displays the properties of the corresponding color silk screen. Entry: Settings - PCB - Common
  • Support to increase the thickness property of the inner wall of the lower shell in the 3D shell
  • Support adding screw column attribute settings in 3D shell, support rib setting, support countersunk hole setting
  • One-click export of Gerber units and format settings moved into custom settings
  • Supports automatic merging of line segments on the same straight line after drawing a line
  • Rectangle primitives support setting rounded corner properties in the properties panel
  • Top toolbar supports place pad and alignment functions. The default additions need to be restored manually. Entry: Settings - Top Toolbar - PCB
  • When designing 3D shells, the screw posts beyond the shell can be automatically cut out
  • Split grid and grid settings. Entry: Canvas - Right Properties Panel
  • Supports auto-deletion of inner electrical layer blocks when removing the board frame
  • When filtering to select pad pairs or nets, dragging a wire will only adjust a single segment of wire, and will no longer be dragged as a whole
  • The outline object supports right-clicking and breaking it into independent lines
  • Added the option "Automatically end wiring" in PCB settings. When it is not checked, the wire will not end automatically when it waits for manual termination. Entry: Settings - PCB - Common
  • The shortcut keys for highlighting and de-highlighting are changed to the same H, the shortcut key for hiding and displaying the flying line is changed to CTRL+R for displaying and hiding in a loop, and the shortcut key for displaying and hiding network names in a loop is CTRL+Q (this shortcut key takes effect temporarily)
  • Supports automatic flipping of paths when routing access pads are blocked
  • Added 3D shell entity primitives to the placement menu
  • 3D shell design element menu added icons
  • Support setting network color. Entrance: Left Panel - Network Tab - Network or Network Class. Click the color setting box in front of the network name to set it up.
  • The Device column of the exported coordinate file is changed to the Comment column to be compatible with some mounters
  • Added shortcut key ALT+S for PCB adsorption
  • Optimize the filter tab, check all the options that do not check other categories
  • When a violation of DRC spacing is detected during routing, a white outline is displayed outside the corresponding primitive as a reminder
  • Optimize the array function, support setting the rotation angle of primitives, and adjust the logic of rotating objects to fit the circle, which is consistent with the standard version
  • Support flip function, flip the selected object as a whole, mirror it and change layers. Entrance: Layout - Flip
  • Added "Clear Errors" menu to design menu
  • When clicking the "Real-time DRC" menu in the design menu, a pop-up window will select whether to detect DRC immediately
  • Importing DXF supports automatic fusion of repeated lines
  • Differential pair drawing supports shortcut keys ALT+D, and isometric adjustment supports shortcut keys SHIFT+A
  • Right-click on the package pad of the PCB supports the mobile menu
  • Wire segment properties of arc type support switching arc type: center arc or two-point arc
  • DRC error list supports clicking the rule name to directly open the rule setting dialog


  • Support for panel 3D preview
  • Support shortcut key G to cycle to select primitives near the mouse
  • Adjust the display of the property panel, and adjust the transparency input to the area selection method
  • Adjust the fill style of some layer elements
  • Layer Tab is added to the right panel, which supports sliced, hidden and locked layers, and supports the display of panel design diagrams
  • Adjust the filter tab on the right panel
  • Added 2D preview dialog for panel ordering
  • The adhesive layer supports transparent control and automatic hollowing out
  • Optimize the left object tree, support hidden primitives
  • The canvas property panel supports switching the size of the red border line
  • Optimized the mutual adsorption of primitives
  • Added setting of canvas origin to the placement menu
  • The new panel removes the new pop-up window and creates it directly
  • Supports simple design rule checking when exporting panel files or ordering panels
  • Supports CTRL+left-click, SHIFT+left-click multi-selection in the left object tree


  • Added a batch of functions to support setting shortcut keys, and the shortcut key setting dialog box supports shortcut key search. Entry: Settings - Shortcut Settings
  • The width and height settings of the graphic elements support the same proportion and simultaneous adjustment after clicking the icon
  • Added a separate order menu
  • When opening a project and detecting a document update difference between the local and the cloud, a pop-up window is supported to list the difference time and updater
  • Supports setting the function of customizing the middle button of the mouse wheel to move: move the canvas or zoom the canvas. Default is mobile canvas
  • Copy cut support set whether to select reference point
  • The polyline of the schematic panel supports right-click to delete the node
  • Added top menu to start page
  • The bottom panel on the left and right side supports setting whether to automatically fold in the settings. The head of the panel supports the pushpin icon. Click to automatically fold the panel.
  • Merge the library list in the update project library dialog, instead of distinguishing the library type Tab. Entry: Design - Update Engineering Library...
  • Import Pro version supports extracting device library
  • Supports saving the device library locally as a zip file. Entry: Bottom Library - Device List - Device Context Menu
  • Support to open sample projects without logging in
  • Support single schematic page, single PCB, single panel, single board, single schematic save as cloud or local, or clone to another project. Entrance: Open the project - page tree on the left - right click on the document
  • Support copy and paste of the entire board, or copy and paste across projects
  • When creating or editing a library, automatically refresh the bottom library list after saving
  • After the editor's login status is lost, the login status at the top supports automatic logout
  • Added "Open in New Window" button to the pop-up window when the project is successfully imported
  • Client offline mode supports importing 3D models and exporting 3D step files

v1.6.31 update instructions


  • When you check that the cloud is different when saving the document, the local data will be saved to the cloud when you select No in the pop-up window
  • Fix the problem that the client is slow to start on the intranet
  • Optimized the problem that the client does not start normally on some computers

v1.6.30 update instructions


-Fixed the problem of finding similar objects and finding wire names that could not be found

  • Fixed the problem that undo only undoes one element after find and replace
  • Added detection for saving documents, pop-up window prompts when local and cloud are inconsistent
  • Fixed the problem that the update package was repeatedly updated unsuccessfully in some cases
  • Fixed the problem that the client's default configuration failed to restore
  • When there is data that is not fully uploaded, close the editor popup warning
  • Attempt to fix the problem that opening the common library settings does not display the previous setting items
  • Fixed the problem that the transparency of the panel primitives affects the transparency of the printing layer
  • Fixed the problem of abnormal parsing of panel SVG style

v1.6.29 update instructions


  • Fixed the issue that some exported Gerber drill hole would be offset
  • Fixed the problem that the Gerber fillet was incorrectly exported from the fillet pad
  • Known issue: Schematic settings - Grid settings fail after project reopens

v1.6.28 update instructions


  • Fix the problem that 0-length tracks are prone to occur when dragging vias on PCB
  • Fix the problem that the footprint manager clicks the list preview image again
  • Fixed the problem that some projects will lose the drawing page when exporting Altium
  • Optimized the problem of dragging the schematic diagram slow issue

v1.5.32 update instructions


-Fixed the problem that no results were found when searching for drawing titles

  • Fix the problem that the number of components exceeds the number of non-component symbols
    -Fixed the problem of stuck opening due to no encapsulation property of components
  • Fix the problem that the number of component pins and package pads are inconsistent and no error is reported on the client
  • Adjusted the default level of two design rules to prompt: component has a valued attribute and component multi-part is not placed complete detection
    -Fixed the problem that the client copy-paste tag was duplicated


  • Fixed the problem that the coordinates and BOM file of PCB one-click order could not be parsed
  • Fixed the issue of adding teardrop card progress bar to some PCBs
  • Fixed the problem that the tag cannot be modified on the left panel of the package
  • Fixed the problem that the shortcut key C could not open the command window
  • Adjust the default font height of text to 1.5 times the original
  • Fixed the problem that the shortcut key G to select overlapping objects could not select the desired object
  • Fixed the problem of chamfering without adding craft edges
  • Fixed DRC and wire setting the minimum line width to 0.28mm, the problem of DRC error
  • Fixed the problem that the box selection cannot be cross-selected in some cases
    -Fixed the problem that the middle-click cursor turns into a cross and cannot be restored
  • Fixed the problem that the 3D shell screw column is too short and the 3D preview is wrong


  • Fix the problem that the panel 2D preview graphics is lost
  • Fixed the problem that the panel failed to import DXF parsing
  • Fix panel drag control point behavior is not correct
  • Fixed the problem that the color of the imported SVG font in the panel changed
  • Fixed panel zoom shortcut not working
  • Fixed the problem that some file boxes in the panel are stuck
    -Fixed the problem that the panel border display and hide failed
    -Fixed the problem that the toolbar at the top of the panel failed to move layers up and down
    -Fixed the problem that pressing the shortcut key K after creating a new panel could not fit the screen
  • Exporting SVG to increase copywriting cannot be used for production
  • Fixed the issue that the panel 2D preview would get stuck


  • Client online mode supports migration of standard version data
    -Fixed the problem that editing team documents prompts that there is no permission
  • Fixed the problem that the client could not switch drawings in offline mode
  • Fixed the problem that the client does not open the browser when opening the component databook link
  • Fixed the problem that the client linux version could not load the project list
  • Fixed the issue that the client mac version could not start the editor
  • Fixed the problem that the name of the engineering device imported by the client became lowercase

format conversion

  • Fixed the problem that the top-level knockout in the standard version was not correctly imported
  • Fixed the problem that the copper pad connection of the imported standard version was not generated
    -Fixed the problem of extra solder mask expansion in the export AD filled area
    -Fixed the problem that the font size of exported AD is wrong
  • Fix the problem that the PCB layer order of imported AD is not correct
  • Fixed the problem that the exported AD network label was in the wrong position
    -Fixed the problem of incomplete package silkscreen when exporting AD
  • Fixed the issue that the import standard package has an offset
  • Fixed an issue where importing special symbols would report an error
  • Fixed the problem that the frame of the AD board was not exported correctly
  • Optimize the text size and position of imported AD, try to keep it consistent
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